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The most profitable mining.

The most profitable mining. Cryptocurrency mining has already become a part of our life. Electronic money is constantly evolving, new types of currencies are emerging, the productive capacity of computers is increasing, and the algorithms of calculating electronic gold are becoming more and more complicated every year. Many skeptics will say

How to choose multi-currency e-wallet?

How to choose multi-currency e-wallet? Altcoins are gaining wider popularity. The growth rate of the market capitalization of altcoins is the evidence of this statement. This market has already surpassed the analogical trend of the Bitcoin market. This is also clearly seen in the dominance index of the first cryptocurrency, which keeps lowering.

Features of modern ICO

  Features of modern ICO The modern ICO reminds a bubble. At the moment, the manufacturing industry didn’t change and the very basis of the modern business also remained the same. That’s why the unnatural ‘pumping’ of money into ICO can lead to economic overabundance and, as a consequence, more problems to

Cryptomorrow: the prospects of electronic currency.

  Cryptomorrow: the prospects of electronic currency. Bitcoins and other digital currency are the chief newsmakers today. The authorities respond upon that financial “hurricane” in different ways: Japan acknowledged bitcoins as the legal tender, China prepares to formalize the relations with digital currency. Forecasting in economics and finances is a waste of